1975 Paul McCartney and Wings – Venus and Mars/Rock Show

1975 Paul McCartney and Wings – Venus and Mars/Rock Show 

Unlike earlier singles from the group, the first single from the album, Listen To What The Man Said, was credited to Wings rather than Paul McCartney and Wings. The single reached #6 in the UK and topped the Hot 100 in the Summer of 1975. 

You can only describe the second single from the album as a disapointment: it stalled at #39 in the US and #41 in the UK.

The first two tracks on side one of the album were Venus and Mars and Rock Show. and they simply transitioned from one song to the other. They selected a combination of the two songs for the third single, but did not include the complete album versions of the songs.

The two tracks lasted a total of about six and a half minutes on the album, but the single version cut that down to less than four minutes.

The second side of the album contained a return to the songs, Venus and Mars/Rockshow Reprise. Paul was reading stories written by Isaac Asimov at the time, perhaps leading him to include lyrics about a starship in the reprise.

While the single did fairly well in the US (where it peaked at 12 on the Hot 100), it was the first single written by Paul to not chart at all in the UK. The band’s 1976 album, Wings at the Speed of Sound, returned the band to the charts with two top three singles in each country, Silly Love Songs and Let ‘Em In.


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