1981 April Wine – Just Between You And Me

1981 April Wine – Just Between You And Me

Hot Chocolate became one of the earliest groups to record on Apple Records in the late sixties. When the label began to fall apart, the group began working with producer Mickey Most. The band wrote and recorded Could Have Been A Lady in 1971. The single reached #22 in the UK but did not chart in the US.

The band continued working with Mickey and eventually had three top ten singles in the US.

Meanwhile, in Canada, David and Ritchie Henman were forced to move to Nova Scotia when their dad got a job there. The brothers jammed with David on guitar and Ritchie on drums, and they were soon joined by their cousin Jim Henman on bass. Their band was completed when Myles Goodwyn joined in on guitar and lead vocals.

They recorded demos and sent copies to Aquarius Records in Montreal. The label sent the band a rejection letter, but they misconstrued the letter to be an invitation to come join the label. The band pooled their savings and traveled to Montreal; fortunately, the label signed the group after they arrived.

The band’s first album did not sell well. They were allowed to record a second album on which they covered Could Have Been A Lady. The single went to #2 in Canada and even reached the top forty in the US, peaking at #32 in 1972.

During the next nine years, the band scored fourteen more top forty singles in Canada, three of which reached the top ten. Only one of the records reached the US top forty.

In 1981, the band recorded a song written by Myles, Just Between You And Me. The single got to #22 in Canada and did slightly better in the US: it peaked at #21 on the Hot 100.

The timing for the record turned out to be fortunate: it was the fourteenth song played on MTV when it launched in 1981. It was also the first song on the channel by a Canadian band.

The band did not have many more hits, and even disbanded from 1986 to 1992. They reformed and continued recording new albums through 2006 and also released one last live album in 2009.

Myles continues to lead an April Wine touring band.


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