1981 The Moody Blues – The Voice

1981 The Moody Blues – The Voice 

After years of recording and touring, The Moody Blues took a break in 1974. The band had no intention of splitting up. They simply wanted some time away from the band to work on individual projects.

In 1977, the band reformed and began work on a new album. During the hiatus, keyboard player Mike Pinder had gotten married and moved to the United States. While he contributed to the recording of their new album (Octave), he was not interested in touring with the group, and departed permanently before the completion of the album. 

Patrick Moraz took over as the band’s new keyboardist, and the band began a new World Tour in 1978. Neither of the singles from the album did well; one of them reached #39 on the Hot 100 and the other stalled at #59.


The band recorded their next album (Long Distance Voyager) and released it in 1981. Mike sued to stop them, as he assumed they only replaced him for the tour, but his lawsuit failed.

Justin Hayward and John Lodge wrote the first single from the album. Gemini Dream reached #12 on the Hot 100, #13 on the US Mainstream Rock chart, and actually briefly topped the Canadian chart.

Justin wrote The Voice, and that single spent four weeks at the top of the US Mainstream Rock chart. Several months later, it also peaked at #15 on the Hot 100 and #16 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

Neither of those two singles charted in the UK.

John wrote their third single from the album, Talking Out of Turn, but it stalled at only #60 on the Hot 100.

It would be 1983 before the band released their next album and 1986 before the band returned a single into the top twenty on the Hot 100.


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