1955 Various Artists – No Arms Can Ever Hold You

1955 Various Artists – No Arms Can Ever Hold You 

In 1955, Art Crafer and Jimmy Nebb wrote the song No Arms Can Ever Hold You (Like These Arms of Mine). The first recorded version of the song came from singer Jeffrey Clay with a chorus and orchestra directed by Neal Hefti. Coral Records released his single in March but it failed to chart.

In September 1955, two more record labels released two more versions of the song.

The first had a renamed version of the song by Pat Boone on Dot Records. At My Front Door (Crazy Little Mama) was the a-side of his fifth single, and the song on the b-side used the title No Other Arms. The a-side peaked at #7 while the b-side stalled at #26.

The other release of the song that September came from Georgie Shaw on Decca Records. He had four top forty singles between 1954 and 1956. He recorded the song Let Me Go Devil in 1953, which failed to chart for him. It became a number one record for Joan Weber after the lyrics were modified to Let Me Go, Lover

He also recorded an early version of Honeycomb, which later became a chart-topping single for Jimmie Rogers.

He had his biggest hit when the song Till We Two Are One reached #7 in 1954.

His single version of No Arms Can Ever Hold You peaked at #23 a week after Pat’s version began fading off the charts. It was the most successful recording of the song.


While several other artists recorded the song, the next time it charted came in 1964. The Bachelors had a long string of hits in the UK in the early sixties, and their single on Coral Records (a division of Decca) reached #27 on the Hot 100. 

Art and Jimmy wrote one more song that got recorded in 1964.

Neal had a successful recording career that included his award-winning music for the Batman television show.

Pat kept recording top ten hits for another seven years.

Georgie only recorded three more singles that reached the Hot 100, all of them in 1956.

The Bachelors had more hits in both the UK and the US through 1967, after which their kind of music went out of style.


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