1987 Bruce Willis – Respect Yourself

1987 Bruce Willis – Respect Yourself 

Bruce Willis began pursuing a career as an actor after briefly working as a security guard and then as a private detective. His big break came when he beat out over 3,000 other actors and won a starring role in the Moonlighting television show in 1985. 

The comedic air of the show and the brash character of his role sometimes allowed Bruce to sing, and it was probably inevitable that he would begin recording music. The only surprise was the label he signed with: Motown!

His first single was a cover of a 1971 song by the Staple Singers, Respect Yourself. Bruce had some help on the song; the Pointer Sisters backed up his singing and June Pointer even sang one verse. The single reached the top ten on both the US and the UK charts in 1987.

Later that year, Bruce landed two more records on the Hot 100, but they did not perform as well. A remake of Young Blood stalled at #68, while a cover version of Under The Boardwalk only reached #59 on the Hot 100 a few months later. Surprisingly, Under The Boardwalk reached #2 in the UK.

Two albums failed to move his music career back on track, but after starring in Die Hard in 1988 ignited his career as an action hero, he may simply have stopped focusing on his singing.


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