1979 Heart – Dog & Butterfly

1979 Heart – Dog & Butterfly

In 1967, the band The Army was formed by Steve Fossen on bass and Roger Fisher on guitar. Several other musicians came and went over the next two years and the band’s name morphed to Hocus Pocus, then White Hart (a name from Arthur C. Clarke short stories), then the White Heart. In 1971, the band dropped the “White” and became Heart, a name that they’ve used since.

Roger’s brother Mike had his number come up in the US draft, and he fled to Canada to avoid the draft. Mike met Ann Wilson when he snuck over the border to attend a concert, and she returned to Canada with him.

Steve finished college and joined them in Canada in 1972. Roger followed soon after. Steve, Roger, and Ann added a drummer and keyboard player to reform Heart.

In 1974, Ann’s sister Nancy joined the group as well. Multi-instrumentalist Howard Leese joined the group. The band began working with producer Mike Flicker on a demo tape, and then on their first album. Drummer Mike Derosier also became a member of Heart.

The local Canadian record label, Mushroom Records, released the band’s first album. The 1975 single Magic Man reached the US top ten.

Work began on their second album, but a distasteful ad run by Mushroom caused the sisters to demand an end to their contract with Mushroom. The label released unfinished recordings as their second album, and it took a lawsuit to stop them and free them to sign with a CBS label.

The band finally finished their second album, which eventually went platinum. Several more successful albums followed in the next few years.

The band released their fifth album in late 1978. The first single from the album, Straight On, reached #15 on the Hot 100.

The second single from the album was the title song, Dog & Butterfly. The song was a complete change of pace for the band, closer to some of their earlier folk music than the hard rock songs that the band had turned out more recently.

The band had another top ten single in 1980. They struggled for a few years after that single, but a move to Capitol Records in 1985 changed everything.


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