1981 Susan Anton and J. Fred Knobloch- Killin’ Time

1981 Susan Anton and J. Fred Knobloch – Killin’ Time

Susan Anton grew up in California and began competing in beauty contests in the late sixties. She tied for second runner-up in the 1969 Miss America Scholarship Pageant. She then began appearing in commercials.

Susan appeared on The Merv Griffin Show over thirty times in the seventies and co-hosted the short-lived summer television show Mel and Susan Together with Country singer Mel Tillis in 1978.

A few guest appearances on other television shows followed before Susan recorded the song Killin’ Time. It was a duet with country singer/songwriter J. Fred Knobloch. Jeff Harrington and Jeff Pennig wrote the song. The single peaked at #28 on the Hot 100 and #30 on the Country chart before reaching the top of the Adult Contemporary chart in 1981.

The record did well enough that the pair appeared on American Bandstand for an interview with Dick Clark.

Susan recorded a few albums but never charted with another single. She continued appearing on television (often as herself) and appeared in over 5,000 shows at the Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas.

She even acted in one of the Sharknado films.


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2 thoughts on “1981 Susan Anton and J. Fred Knobloch- Killin’ Time”

  1. Thanks for the interesting stories at your site, Rembert. One of my favorite tunes is “Why Not Me?” by Fred Knoblock (variation in spelling he used). It’s one of those light, bittersweet, Paul Davis-type tunes from 1980. I think it was his only pop hit.


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