1978 Le Blanc and Carr – Falling

1978 Le Blanc and Carr – Falling 

As a teenager, Lenny Le Blanc lived in the Daytona Beach area. He got a job washing dishes so he could save up to buy a bass guitar. Lenny played at dances and in clubs until he graduated and moved to Cincinnati in 1970.

Pete Carr was born in Daytona Beach and began playing guitar when he was 13 years old. He became friends with Duane and Gregg Allman. Pete preferred doing studio work to performing live and moved to Muscle Shoals, where he could focus on producing and engineering music.

When Eddie Hinton left his role as lead guitarist for the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, Pete took over that job in 1971. He did studio work for most of the music recorded in Muscle Shoals in the early to mid-seventies.

Pete and Lenny had previously played together in a band (probably in the Daytona Beach area when they were both young) and Pete convinced Lenny to come to work at Muscle Shoals. Lenny began playing bass and singing background vocals for a series of Country singers and the Supremes and Roy Orbison.

Lenny released a solo album, after which Atlantic Records asked him to work with Pete in hopes of producing some hit records. They began working on a joint project.

The duo recorded an album and released the single Falling. The record first reached the charts in October 1977. They signed up to tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd later that year. They were bumped from the plane that carried tour members to a show, and that likely saved their lives. The plane crashed in Mississippi, and the tour ended.

Their record hung around in the Hot 100 for over six months and peaked at #13. While they may have worked together on other projects after that, they never again recorded as Le blanc and Carr.

Pete decided to return to studio work. He worked on singles and albums by Bob Seger, Barbra Streisand, Art Garfunkel, and many other artists.

Lenny became a born-again Christian and began recording Christian music. He had a series of top ten Christian singles in the eighties and the nineties and won a Dove Award for Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year in 2003.


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