1984 Ollie & Jerry – Breakin’… There’s No Stopping Us

1984 Ollie & Jerry – Breakin’… There’s No Stopping Us 

Jerry Knight grew up in the Los Angeles area and became a singer and bass player. In the late seventies, he joined Ray Parker, Jr., as a founding member of Raydio. While Ray often sang lead vocals, in 1978, Jerry sang lead vocals on the group’s first hit single, Jack And Jill.

Jerry left the group before they recorded their second album and concentrated on doing studio work. 

Ollie Brown grew up in Detroit and did studio work as a drummer and percussionist. He had already played on dozens of albums by the time he turned 25. He performed on albums by the Rolling Stones, the Temptations, Van Morrision, Leo Sayer, and many others. In 1978, he played drums on some sessions of Raydio’s first album, which is when he first met Jerry.

 Ollie & Jerry became the name the pair of musicians used when they started working together as a duo in 1983. They wrote and produced the title song for the film Breakin’. Their single topped the US Dance chart, reached #3 on the R&B chart, and peaked at #9 on the Hot 100 in 1984.

The pair also created the theme song for the film’s sequel, but Electric Boogaloo failed to reach the top forty on any of the charts. The two split up after that, but appear to have often worked together on other projects.

Jerry went on to write and produce music for other acts, including Patrice Rushen, the Whispers, and DeBarge.

Ollie continued doing studio work. His future work included playing on Michael Jackson’s album Bad and producing the single Ghostbusters for Ray. 


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