1983 Moving Pictures – What About Me

1983 Moving Pictures – What About Me 

Six musicians formed the band Moving Pictures in 1980 in Sydney, Australia. They signed with the Wheatley Records label and began working with producer Charles Fisher in 1981. Their first single only reached the top fifty on the Australian chart.

When he wasn’t playing guitar or keyboards or singing with the band, Garry Frost had a job where he worked with autistic children. He went to lunch one day and saw a small child waiting at a counter who was clearly being ignored. That encounter inspired the song What About Me, which he co-wrote with Frances Swan. 

The producer of the band’s first album Charles heard Garry working on the song with Alex Smith in the studio and insisted that they finish the song and have the band record it. When they performed the song in concerts, they did a version that was much more Country.

Their first album came out in late 1981, but did not do well at first. In early 1982, their label relesaed What About Me as their second single.

A great choice: the record spent six weeks at the top of the Australian chart and reached the top twenty in New Zealand. The single moved to Elektra Records in the US in September, spent 26 weeks on the Hot 100, and finally peaked at #29 in the Spring of 1983.

While the band had a few more top forty singles in Australia, they were unable to extend that success to the Hot 100 as well. The only other time the group reached the Hot 100 was a reissue of the same single in 1987, and it only reached #46 on its the second run.

Garry left the band in 1984, and by 1987, the band had simply split up. Most of the members either joined other bands or did studio work.

Three members of Moving Pictures finally reunited briefly in 2005, and a full band reformed in 2011 is still active.


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