1965 Multiple Artists – Red Roses For A Blue Lady

1965 Multiple Artists – Red Roses For A Blue Lady 

 Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett later wrote a lot of songs that Elvis recorded, but in 1948, several artists released versions of a song they created: Red Roses For A Blue Lady

While several other versions peaked in 1949, the most successful was by Vaughn Monroe. His single reached #2 on the pop charts, and has proven to be the most successful version of the song.

For some reason, three very different versions of the song all reached the top forty on the Hot 100 in 1965. The three singles also reached #2, #3, or #4 on the Adult Contemporary chart.

Bert Kaempfert and his Orchestra reached the top of Billboard’s Hot 100 in 1961 with Wonderland By Night, but only reached the top forty once more before his single of Red Roses For A Blue Lady reached #11 on the Hot 100.

Bert only had one more minor hit on the Hot 100, but had five more top ten hits on the Adult Contemporary chart. 

Vic Dana had only landed in the top forty once before his single of Red Roses For A Blue Lady. His remake of the song was the most successful of the versions in the sixties, reaching #10 on the Hot 100.

Vic only followed that success with one more top forty hit on the Hot 100, but he continued reaching the top ten on the Adult Contemporary chart through 1976.

Wayne Newton had his first big hit with Danke Shane, a song co-written by Bert that he later sang on The Lucy Show. His cover of Red Roses For A Blue Lady did not do as well on the Hot 100 as the other two, stalling at #23.

Wayne’s recording career stretched into the nineties and included a top five single on the Hot 100 in 1972 and two singles that topped the Adult Contemporary chart.


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