1975 Average White Band – Cut The Cake

1975 Average White Band – Cut The Cake 

Several Scottish musicians who had played together at various times separately drifted to London in the early seventies. Two of them were lucky enough to play in the studio band that recorded My Ding-A-Ling for Chuck Berry.

The musicians met up with each other again at a Traffic concert. They began jamming together. The music so impressed a listener that they commented, “This is too much for the average white man.” Bonnie Bramlett suggested the band change that statement slightly and call themselves the Average White Band.

MCA Records paid to have the band record their first album, but it did not sell well. Eric Clapton’s tour manager agreed to manage the band and raised the money to move them to the US. They signed with Atlantic Records and recorded their second album in Los Angeles. They released the single Pick Up The Pieces from the album and it topped the Hot 100 in 1974. It earned the group a gold record when it sold a million copies.

The title cut from the album Cut The Cake became the group’s first single in 1975. 

The single did not fare as well as their chart topping hit, but still managed to reach #10 on the Hot 100 and #7 on the R&B chart. The recording received a Grammy award nomination for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals but lost out to a song by Earth, Wind & Fire (Shining Star).

The band only reached the Hot 100 again with records that peaked at #33, #39, and #40. Fortunately, they had a string of hits on the R&B chart that ended in 1980 when their record company reissued Cut The Cake.

The group disbanded in 1983 but reformed in 1990. Two of the original members of AWB continue to tour with additional new members.

Meanwhile, three other original members formed The 360 Band in 2015 and they continue to tour as well.


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