1958 George Hamilton IV – Why Don’t They Understand

1958 George Hamilton IV – Why Don’t They Understand

The singer George Hamilton IV was born in North Carolina in 1937. He is not related to the actor George Hamilton who was born in 1939 in Tennessee (that actor is mostly famous for his sun tan).

The singer recorded A Rose and a Baby Ruth while still a college student. John D. Loudermilk wrote the song, and George’s single reached #6 on the Hot 100 just before Christmas in 1956.

His next two singles did not do well, but in 1958, he recorded Why Don’t They Understand, a song written by Jack Fishman and Joe Henderson. The single took him back up to #10 on the Hot 100.

George reached the top thirty again on the Hot 100 a few more times in the next year. The best-known of those records is probably The Teen Commandments, a spoken word single he recorded with Paul Anka and Johnny Nash that reached #29.

He took part in a rockabilly tour and landed on the cast of The Jimmy Dean Show before moving to Nashville in late 1959. From that point onward, George concentrated on Country rather than pop, scoring nine top ten records and seventeen more top thirty singles on the Country chart by 1971.


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