1960 Hank Locklin – Please Help Me I’m Falling

1960 Hank Locklin – Please Help Me I’m Falling 

Hank Locklin grew up in Florida and learned to play the guitar at age eight while he was recuperating from a leg injury. After winning a talent contest, he abandoned high school without graduating and began a music career. He recruited a few more musicians and formed the Rocky Mountain Playboys in 1947.

The band performed on local television shows and other minor events. Hank began singing and recorded for Gold Star Records and Royalty Records with little success. 

In 1949, Hank started recording for Four Star Records. He finally reached the Country charts with the top ten single The Same Sweet Girl. Hank wrote and recorded his first version of Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On later that year, but it failed to chart. A second version of the song came out in 1951, but that single failed as well.

He wouldn’t reach the charts again until 1953. His recording of Let Me Be The One topped the Country chart that year.

In 1955, Hank signed with RCA Records and began working with Chet Atkins. The new Nashville sound on his recordings soon turned him into a major star. A third version of Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On finally reached the Country top ten in 1957.

The biggest hit of Hank’s career came out in 1960. Please Help Me, I’m Falling gave Hank his second number one on the Country chart. It also reached #8 on the Hot 100.

Hank landed almost two dozen more singles on the Country chart by 1971. He released a new album almost every year through the seventies, but could not find his way back onto the singles charts. When his career faded in the US, he began touring in Europe and ceased recording new music. 

Hank recorded a final Country album in 2001 and a gospel album in 2006.

Hank died in 2009.


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