1963 Connie Francis – I’ll Follow The Boys

1963 Connie Francis – I’ll Follow The Boys

Connie Francis had one of her biggest hits in 1961 when she appeared in and recorded the theme song to the film Where The Boys Are.

Her second appearance in a film came in 1963. She appeared in the film I’ll Follow The Boys and again sang the opening theme song for the film. Benny Davis and Murray Mencher wrote the song, the same team that wrote her chart-topping single Don’t Break the Heart That Loves You.

She recorded the version of the song that was used in the film in June 1962 over an instrumental recording produced by Norman Newell at Abbey Road Studios.

In September, Connie recorded a new version of the song in New York City with producer Danny Davis that used LeRoy Holmes as the conductor.

Her record company released that version as a single that reached #17 on the Hot 100 in 1963.

Connie went back into the studio and recorded a new vocal over the same instrumental backing as the single that was used on a stereo album comprised of five songs from the film and five new songs.

The British Invasion took its toll on Connie’s career: Follow The Boys proved to be her last single to reach the top twenty on the Hot 100. She continued releasing singles through 1969 but only had five more top forty singles on the Hot 100. She did have another half-dozen top ten singles and seven more top twenty hits on the Adult Contemporary chart.


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