1957 The Dubs – Could This Be Magic

1957 The Dubs – Could This Be Magic

The group changed their name to The Dubs. Their first single with that name came out in 1957. Lead singer Richard Blandon and the group’s manager Hiram Johnson wrote Don’t Ask Me To Be Lonely and the single peaked at #72 on the Hot 100.

Richard and Hiram also wrote the group’s follow-up singleCould This Be Magic?

The group toured with one of the Alan Freed packages. At least one performance of the group lip-syncing their song has survived.

The record reached #23 on the Hot 100. The Dubs continued recording and releasing doo-wop tunes without reaching the charts again for several years before breaking up in 1958.

The group’s label had released the single Chapel of Dreams in late 1958, and months after the group had disbanded, re-issued the single. The second time, the record reached #74 on the Hot 100 in 1959.

Richard reformed the Dubs with three of the backup singers, and they recorded and toured for a few years. Cleveland Still (the group’s first tenor) briefly rejoined the group in 1962 and rejoined again in 1971.

The Dubs broke up again in 1980, and Richard and Cleveland then each led their own version of the group.

Richard died in 1991 and his brother took over as lead singer for his Dubs and they made a few more recordings.

Cleveland continues to lead his collection of Dubs.


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