1969 Lettermen – Hurt So Bad

1969 Lettermen – Hurt So Bad

Teddy Randazzo and Bobby Weinstein wrote Goin’ Out Of My Head. Little Anthony and the Imperials recorded the song in 1964. In spite of the British Invasion, they reached #6 on the Hot 100.

Teddy and Bobby wrote their next single with some help from Bobby Hart. Hurt So Bad also reached the top ten in 1965.

The Lettermen first reached the top ten on the Hot 100 with their single When I Fall In Love in 1961. They released several singles each year, but were unable to return to the top ten until 1967. Their medley of Goin’ Out of My Head and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You reached #7 that year.

After two years of releasing songs that languished in the lower half of the Hot 100, they covered another one of Little Anthony’s hits, Hurt So Bad. That single peaked at #12 on the Hot 100 in 1969.

In 1980, Linda Ronstadt covered Hurt So Bad. Her single reached #8 on the Hot 100.

The Lettermen may not have reached the top forty on the Hot 100 again after Hurt So Bad, but they had five more top ten singles on the Adult Contemporary (AC) chart. They continued reaching the top forty on the AC chart through 1975.

While none of the original members still tour, there is still a Lettermen group that remains active on the oldies circuit.


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