1958 Paul Anka – Let The Bells Keep Ringing

1958 Paul Anka – Let The Bells Keep Ringing

Paul Anka grew up in Ontario, Canada, where his parents owned a restaurant. He studied music theory and learned to play the piano.

Paul began writing his own songs and even recorded one of them when he was only 14 years old. He traveled to New York City in 1956 and auditioned for producer Don Costa at ABC-Paramount Records. He had written the song Diana. Although many people have claimed Paul wrote the song about his babysitter, he cleared that up in his autobiography. He actually named the song after Diana Ayoub, a girl he met in church and grew to have a crush on.

Don produced and arranged most of Paul’s early music. They released his first single from ABC, Diana, in 1957. It topped the chart in Canada, reached #2 on the US Hot 100, and even peaked at #1 on the US R&B chart.

Two more singles followed in 1957 that failed to do well. Near the end of the year, he wrote and recorded You Are My Destiny, and the single reached #7 on the Hot 100 in early 1958.

He also wrote his next single in 1958, Crazy Love. It peaked at #15 on the Hot 100, held back somewhat because it turned into a two-sided hit.

Paul also wrote the b-side of the single, Let The Bells Keep Ringing. That song nearly did as well as the a-side and reached #16 on the Hot 100. Paul appeared on the television quiz show I’ve Got A Secret to perform the song. His secret on the show was that he wrote and recorded the song.

Paul’s next few singles struggled on the charts, but in 1959 he topped the Hot 100 with Lonely Boy and followed that success later that year with two more top five singles.

Paul went on to record a massive number of hit records, charting on the Hot 100 as recently as 1983.


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2 thoughts on “1958 Paul Anka – Let The Bells Keep Ringing”

  1. Hello there – I ran across your site while researching a video project. I’m wonder if you know how to reach House Rockin Channel 50’s (the YouTube channel) to find out the possible source for a video they have posted online (The Fleetwoods) I’d like to use for my project but don’t want to overstep copyright boundaries. Thank you…….craig kelly/Seattle


    1. Sorry, no idea. You might try leaving them a message on one of their videos, they probably see those. It looks like a television performance.

      digitibike posted the same video one day later, so you might check with them as well (although it’s likely they simply copied the post from House Rockin Channel 50s)


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