1973 Alice Cooper – No More Mr. Nice Guy

1973 Alice Cooper – No More Mr. Nice Guy 

Vincent Damon Furnier grew up in Detroit and later Phoenix. He recruited a few of his friends to sing in a talent show at his high school when he was sixteen. The group called itself The Earwigs and performed parodies of Beatles tunes. After the group won the show, they acquired instruments, learned to play them, practiced, and renamed themselves The Spiders. After graduation, they renamed their group The Nazz and started recording singles and making appearances locally. The group also began appearing in Los Angeles.

Todd Rundgren’s group from Philadelphia also used the name Nazz, and after that group had a hit with Open My Eyes, the Spiders renamed the group Alice Cooper. Vincent began using the stage name Alice Cooper as well.

The band incorporated shock theatrics into their shows, and that helped them sign a recording contract with Frank Zappa. Their first two albums with the record label were not very productive, but the third album contained the hit single I’m Eighteen. Two years later, the group even reached the top ten with the topical song School’s Out

In spite (or because of) the group’s shock rock and glam rock performances, hit records eluded them after that.

In the next three years, their best showing was the single No More Mr. Nice Guy. The record peaked at only #25 on the Hot 100 in 1973. People continued to line up to get into the group’s theatrical shows, leading to a tour that year that broke the box-office records previously set by the Rolling Stones.

The group recorded seven albums and they held their last performance In April 1974. A year later, Vincent had legally changed his name to Alice Cooper. He began appearing as a solo act with a constantly changing collection of backup musicians. He is still actively touring and recording new material and has announced a release date in 2021 for his 21st solo album.


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