1984 KC – Give It Up

1984 KC – Give It Up 

Harry Wayne Casey worked as a record store employee and part-timer at TK Records in Hialeah when he hired a few folks and created the Sunshine Band in 1973. He also began fronting the band as KC.

A string of top disco tunes followed until things slowed down in 1978. KC had a pair of successful non-disco records in 1979, after which his career seemingly ended.

Give It Up, a single from a 1982 album, brought KC back onto the top of the chart in the UK, but did little in the US. He pleaded with his record company to release the single in the US to follow up the success in the UK, but his record company flatly refused to have anything further to do with the record.

What was a struggling ex-star to do? What could he do? He did the most obvious thing he could: he quit his record company, started his own record company, and released the single himself as KC rather than as KC and the Sunshine Band.

Somehow, success smiled on KC. The single reached #18 on the Hot 100 in 1984, making it possible for KC to reform a new Sunshine Band and briefly tour the US. It was his last top forty single and the band fell apart in 1985, but resurgence interest in disco allowed KC and the Sunshine Band to tour again in the nineties and record a new album in 2001.

A new series of successful dance singles came out between 2015 and 2019.


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