2 thoughts on “Lost or Forgotten Oldie of the Day: gone now”

  1. How do you figure this is either lost, or forgotten?
    I hear this often-not only from my own collection, but from area stations, too. Of course, it has become more of a Christmas song, but it is still played at other times during the year.
    “Lost” and “forgotten” are terms that indicate something is obscure, which this is not, in my opinion.


    1. My blog is focused on records that are no longer played on most oldies stations but that should be. As a general rule, oldies stations focus on records that finished in the top 100 of any year that they are covering which usually translates to records that made the top ten (I have more detailed lists that show the records in the order they finished each year). Merle’s single only got up to #28, which is not likely to get played on any non-country station.

      While Merle’s records show up on Country oldies stations, I cannot remember hearing any of his songs on an oldie station on the radio since I moved out of Nashville in the early seventies. I’m glad you are familiar with the song, but I’m sure most of my readers have either never heard it before or have completely forgotten it.

      Thanks for the comment!


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